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Finances and Banking

Thanks to our experiences in finances and banking sector we know and understand the its characteristic features. We develop our systems on the basis of pioneering solutions that enable to provide new tools to support the customer care services and at the same time reduce the costs.

We understand the importance of security in this sector, hence it is one of the key aspects taken into consideration at the stage designing the Contactis Contact Center solution.

The system security issues are based on the following mechanisms:

  • Telecommunications security

  • Application security

  • Database access security

  • Call recording security

  • Server access security


Contactis Contact Center is a reliable and functional solution for the financial and banking sector. We offer our clients the ways of platform development by adding optional functionalities in the result of our experiences gathered during implementations of similar solutions and on the basis of the analysis of processes taking place in the banking sector.

We pay special attention to the processes related to customer care services dedicated to both new and existing customers, handling standard queries and solving problems, trainings and human resources management, remote work and management of telecommunications environment.

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