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Publishing houses

In the days of great competitiveness, selling books, newspapers and electronic publications requires continuous broadening of products portfolio and more efficient customer service.

In this sector, sale, especially sale of electronic publications and subscriptions is realized through direct channel by the sellers. The customers expect support and high quality of services while making a decision, during the buying process and after the sale in order to continue subscription.

In publishing house, Contactis Contact Center supports operation of the customer care service department within the scope of:

  • Factual service and technical support, simultaneously relieving the sales team

  • Logistic services, realization of orders - allowing quick reaction to possible problems or complaints.


Contactis Contact Center facilitates:

  • Integration with CRM so that all information collected by the dealer is available to the employee of the Customer Care Service Department, and the other way round, the dealer before the scheduled visit at the customer is able to check out the information concerning his/her expectations which is crucial for further commercial contacts.

  • Effective customer service realized by the employee most competent in respect of particular products or services

  • Carrying out customer satisfaction analysis, which provides data for market analysis and facilitates quicker and more accurate reactions

  • Flexible setting of calls and development of scheduled appointments organizer allows preserving all advantages of automatic generating the connections with simultaneous adjustment to the appointments with the customer.
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