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Hotel networks

A hotel network providing typical hotel services for individual customers and a vast array of services for companies has to struggle with a great competition. Efficient customer service at the stage of making reservation of the specific service is an important element of advantage over the competitors.

Contactis Contact Center  supports services related to making hotel reservations and enhances them through:

  • Reservation via SMS including confirmation of reservation
  • Recognizing and greeting the regular customer by his/her name (TTS at IVR)
  • Access to the system from each hotel localization without the need to integrate various telephone exchanges (VoIP)
  • Separate service for business/corporate customers
  • Carrying out surveys concerning customer’s satisfaction via phone or e-mail and through telemarketing
  • Skype plug-in on the hotel’s website integrated with the system
  • Extension of SMS-based reservation to other services
  • ASR - based reception

Contactis Contact Center – benefits of using the system
• Raising the level of customer’s satisfaction through making him/her more recognizable.
• Improving the effectiveness of customer care and introducing new services.
• Integration of the dispersed hotel receptions into one telephone system thanks to VoIP technology without incurring high costs for infrastructure.

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