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Contactis ReStore

Ensuring safety and high level of customer care services is a natural process allowing for correct development of the company. Monitoring of business contacts history helps to solve critical problems whereas current verification of work of the employees has considerable impact on perception of the company by market environment and maintaining high standards of customer relations.

Contactis ReStore makes it possible to evaluate, analyse, store and process telephone calls and increases the effectiveness and quality of services provided by the company.

Operating System

Contactis ReStore works under the control of Operating System created especially for its needs. The system is based on popular and stable Linux OS, which guarantees uninterrupted and reliable work of the recorder. Contactis ReStore is installed on separate, non-replaceable flash drive. Hard disk drive (in the slot) is used only to store the recorded calls. HDD failure does not influence integrity of the system. After replacing HDD the system will automatically prepare it to work. 

Storage of the recordings on remote computer’s HDD will not cause deleting them from the disk of the recorder. There is no other possibility of deleting the recordings than to overwrite them by the recorder itself after reaching the disk capacity limits. The delete function has not been implemented for safety reasons.

Data storage format is realized in a specific file system used only by the recorder system that guarantees safety of the recordings against access by unauthorized persons.

Modular structure

Development of the system starts from basic central unit called the basic module. The basic module consists of the chassis with components (base card, hard disk drive) and software.
Cards used for connecting the telephone lines are the additional equipment installed inside the module and picked according to the client’s specific requirements.


Data transmission within LAN network is encrypted with use of SSL protocol and own encrypting algorithms. Data are stored in the format used only by the recorder, so moving the HDD to PC computer provides no access to the recordings.

System is able to provide services for many users with two distinguished access levels (Administrator, User). Each level can have different set of entitlements for particular functions of the recorder such as monitoring, listening to the recordings, data storage, changing the configuration, etc.

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